Fossil fuel free


VOLUNTEER  opportunities

Fun Raiser

If you think that giving consumers a choice of food produced without fossil fuels is a good idea, why not help spread the word, build buzz and raise funds to make it happen.

Technical Consultants

We can never have too much expertise on our side. If you are a farmer or scientist interested in high brix, MIRG cultural practices, why not volunteer some time to help advance our cause.

Global announcement

Sat, 08/04/2015




As a plant starts from a seed, so too does a movement. Our seed is the idea that farming can be truly sustainable, help combat climate change and produce healthy soil, animals and people. We are in our fund raising stage--just a seed really. We need money as surely as a plant needs water and sun light. We are not just some farm, we are a movement committed to changing the world for the better. Since we're benefiting the community with our efforts we hope that the community will recognize our value and support us.

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it all starts with a seed