Fossil fuel free


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Methane for heat and electricity can be made in an anaerobic digester. Electricity can be made using solar panels (PV) and micro wind turbines and stored in batteries for an affordable and reliable source of fossil fuel free electricity.


High quality animal feed can be made on the farm. Grain sorghum for energy, canola oil cake for protein can be produced on the farm. Barley can be sprouted into green mats which improves animal health and makes their meat more nuntrious.


Hybrid and GMO seed is meant to be purchased every year. Saving open-pollinated seed every year is more than just an enormous cost savings. It also allows for local adaption and protects the food supply with biodiversity. Many open-pollinated varieties are available with excellent yield.

Housing animals 6 months a year produces a lot of manure and carbon-rich bedding (straw). This can be anaerobically digested into methane (for heat or electricy) and digestate. Digestate can be aerobically composted in windrows to make high quality compost. High quality compost can be fed to worms to make more worms and worm castings--the highest quality fertilizer. Excess worms can be fed to poultry or hogs.



Biodiesel can be produced on the farm using winter canola as the feed stock. Full cycle-farming involves refining the oil on the farm to food grade and then renting it to local restaurants for frying. When the oil is spent, it's taken back and converted into biodiesel for use on the farm. This method eliminates the competition between food and fuel. Protein rich oil cake and glycerin are byproducts and can be used in animal feed and soap production.

F3 = FOssil fuel free